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Consulting services for improved productivity and performance

ASVP Group is a boutique, Melbourne-based strategic business management and marketing consulting firm which provides targeted, expertly-focused strategic business consulting advice to business organisations throughout Australia.

Since 1998 the principal of ASVP, Chris Blackman, has been assisting organisations to improve productivity and performance. Clients have included corporate giants such as BHP, RACV and Equity Trustees, and an array of non-profit organisations, including Red Cross, Berry Street Victoria, YMCA, Jesuit Social Services and Sustainable Australia. We work collaboratively and involve key client personnel and resources, and a core part of our process revolves around the transfer of new skills to the client in order to sustainably improve the condition of each client organisation.

Although most of our strategic business consulting engagements are conducted for existing clients, new project work comprises the predominant share of what we do. Projects are usually completed within one to five months. We always work with specific objectives which are agreed with you before commencement and during each project, against clearly-established target outcomes and timing, to contribute to client business goals. Almost invariably, our projects are conducted on a fixed-scope, fixed cost basis to make sure there are no unwelcome surprises. We are frequently invited to speak with new clients as a result of a referral from an existing or past client of our strategic business consulting services.

Our experience and results over the years have taught us that to improve organisational performance sustainably, requires investment in people, processes, and systems and sometimes in the underlying support structures and infrastructure. However, sustainable improvement more often requires the refinement, redeployment and refocusing of existing resources, talent and energy, rather than simply increasing effort or adding resources.

Clients we have advised range from blue-chip to start-up, from primary resources to bio-medical systems and high-technology devices. We have worked with some of Australia's largest organisations, some of Australia's most profitable, and for a range of not-for-profit, social and environmental enterprises, and community service organisations.

So, whether you need to:

ASVP Group will lead you through your strategic and business processes, and help you create a robust, flexible organisation highly capable of executing for 'Simply Better Results'. And we'll leave your organisation in better condition as a result.

Contact ASVP Group for an initial discussion. There's no cost, and no obligation. If we find we have common ground, we can work out a way to proceed. In the unlikely event we decide not to work together, the experience will have cost you nothing.

There is no time like the present. Take decisive action now. Call or e-mail: We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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